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CBD Gummies – ZVARIN+ Reduce Formula (30 count)

by CBDLux


BEVARIN ComplexTM from BE LABS is a Varin and Minor Cannabinoid-rich Hemp Extract clinically proven to reduce INFLAMMATION, WEIGHT, SLEEPLESSNESS, STRESS, AND PAIN!

Now available in our ZVARIN+ Reduce Formula gummies + Terpenes!

Significantly improve your quality of life. Try some ZVARIN+ Reduce Formula gummies today!

  • Formulated by a licensed pharmacist
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered, cGMP compliant facility
  • Made in adherence with the strictest standards for Purity, Accuracy, and Compliance bearing the AuthentiKola Pharmacist Authenticated Cannabinoids™ seal

 These are the highest quality cannabinoid gummies on the market. 

View the BEVARIN ComplexTM Study Results supported by the NIH and Mayo Cinic.

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Our CBD gummies are made from BEVARIN ComplexTM, a proprietary, full-spectrum hemp extract that is clinically proven to reduce INFLAMMATION, WEIGHT, SLEEPLESSNESS, STRESS, AND PAIN! View the study results.

BEVARIN ComplexTM has the broadest and deepest expression of Varins (CBDV and THCV) and other minor cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN) we have yet discovered in the hemp world. We add a proprietary blend of terpenes and other botanical compounds.


This hemp extract is rich in CBDV and THCV, and it also contains CBD, CBG, and CBN. Varins are the newest and most exciting class of phytocannabinoids to hit the market and are very rare cannabinoids. Varins are less abundant than CBD in hemp and are prized for their therapeutic properties.


Our hemp extract contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the original hemp plant. We do not use isolated cannabinoids and believe in delivering the plant’s compounds as close to the whole plant as possible. This extremely broad-spectrum hemp extract delivers all the goodness nature intended.


We formulate our gummies with strain-specific botanical terpene blends giving ZVARIN+ gummies their unique and flavorful profile. Terpenes are a group of “aroma molecules” found within many plants – specifically in the trichomes of the hemp plant – that give off spice, citrus, or floral smells and flavors.

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