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BE ALERT: CBD Vape Pen – 200 mg

by CBDLux


  • 200 mg CBD
  • Ultra Premium Daytime
  • Perfect for Daytime Use

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Do you ever feel your level of alertness starting to drop during the day? Maybe you have tried to give your alertness a boost with caffeine just to find yourself crashing an hour later.

At CBD LUXE, we understand the need to be alert during the day, whether at work, at school, or running errands. For this reason, we developed the Be Alert line of CBD products, bringing together the finest CBD and essential oils that are known for improving alertness.

Be Alert: The Premium Organic CBD Disposable Vape Pen
Our Be Alert CBD disposable vape pen was designed to give you the energy and alertness you need without compromising your health. Rather, our products are created using sustainable practices to promote health and well-being. We only use premium ingredients, which are certified organic and Non-GMO.

Be Alert Organic Vape Pen Ingredients
In order to produce an energizing and focusing CBD vape, we looked at holistic health for inspiration. We examined the terpenes in various essential oils to guide our process in selecting the right mix. Therefore, this CBD Vape pen contains only five ingredients, hand-selected to stimulate alertness without affecting your health:

 MCT oil
, Lemon Essential Oil
, Lime Essential Oil
, Ginger Essential Oil

When purchasing a vape pen or other CBD product from CBD LUXE, our promise is you will never get artificial ingredients such as flavors or colors and you also will never get preservatives. Rather, our disposable CBD vape pen brings together the best essential oils that are known for their alertness-promoting properties.

Potential Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

  • Stress Reliever
  • Energy Boost
  • Digestive Relief
  • Cough Relief
  • Nausea Relief

Potential Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

  • Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Energy Restoration
  • Fever Reducer

Potential Benefits of Ginger Oil

  • Joint Health
  • Bloating/ Gas Reducer
  • Antioxidant
  • Digestion Aid
  • Healthy Joint Support

It is important to note again, that the entire line of CBD LUXE vape pens has never and will never contain any dangerous additives like vitamin E or any harmful carriers.

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