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CBD Hand Sanitizer

by CBDLux


80% ethyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of all germs and contagions on contact.

We soothe your dry hands by mixing in Organic Aloe and Organic Tea tree leaf Oil to keep your clean hands feeling soft and smooth. The anti-septic properties of Organic Tea Tree Leaf Oil provide further lasting cleanliness while gently moisturizing the skin.

We add Organic White Willow Bark and pharma-grade CBD from USDA Certified Farms to reduce inflammation and agitation at the skin surface.

Finally, we place it in leak-proof, child-resistant locking pump top PET plastic bottles to provide our clientele with a safe, no-mess delivery system for your car, office, or on the go.

Available in 1oz and 4oz bottles.


Keeping your hands free of microbes and contagions is the first step in preventing yourself from contracting dangerous viruses, infections, and other health ailments.  Maintaining clean hands is essential to overall health and wellness. It is not always possible to access proper soap and water throughout the day or directly after making contact with any potentially infected surfaces (including other people’s hands).

The WHO and CDC recommend 60% alcohol to stop the spread of germs and contagions. CBD LUXE is upping the ante and providing our rich hand sanitizer with 80% Ethyl alcohol, designed to kill 99.9% of all germs and contagions on contact as well as adding Hydrogen Peroxide for additional anti septic/cleansing properties.

If that’s not enough, we are also keeping in line with our mission of providing products that benefit your body and mind by ensuring that our CBD hand sanitizer not only protects you from germs and contagions, but also moisturizes your skin, reduces inflammation, and provides calming effects while keeping you clean.

Derived from USDA Certified Farms, our CBD Isolate is top quality and provides all the benefits of CBD when applied to the skin. Our convenient 1oz and 4oz bottles make it easy to keep your hands clean and germ-free no matter where you are. Enjoy the benefits of our CBD hand sanitizer today!

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