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LUXE Sani – Hand Sanitizer (No CBD)

by CBDLux


80% ethyl alcohol to kill 99.9 % of all germs and contagions on contact

Effective Hand Sanitizer – Best Natural Ingredients. Our hand sanitizer uses natural ingredients, such as antibacterial essential oils to prevent inflammation while killing 99.9% of contagions.

Available in 8oz bottles.



We soothe your dry hands by mixing in Organic Aloe and Organic Tea tree leaf Oil to keep your clean hands feeling soft and smooth. The anti-septic properties of Organic Tea Tree Leaf Oil provide further lasting cleanliness while gently moisturizing the skin.

We add Organic White Willow Bark and pharma-grade CBD from USDA Certified Farms to reduce inflammation and agitation at the skin surface.

Finally, we place it in leak-proof, child-resistant locking pump top PET plastic bottles to provide our clientele with a safe, no-mess delivery system for your car, office, or on the go.

We at BE LABS, makers of CBD LUXE and LUXE SANI, have made our latest natural hand sanitizer with 80% ethyl alcohol to help stop the spread of germs and dangerous contagions. To ensure our formula is completely effective and safe, we added additional antiseptic cleansing agents, such as hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial essential oils, including organic tea tree leaf oil, to create an added line of defense for you and your family.

Due to the drying nature of alcohol, we added organic aloe vera to help soothe your skin and prevent dryness from the frequent necessary use of hand sanitizer.

We also added organic white willow bark as an anti-inflammatory agent to heal any agitation at the skin surface. White willow bark has been used since around 400 BC to reduce fever and inflammation by chewing on it. Now we are able to harness these natural properties effectively in our latest hand sanitizer

We at BE LABS are committed to keeping your hands germ-free and feeling smooth when it matters most.

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8 oz


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